Identify Un-authorised Vehicles

As we all know parking is one of the many concerns with hospitals, if you’re not paying a fortune for the privilege of parking your vehicle on a semi secure car park you have to leave your vehicle unattended at a nearby road.

We at Hospital Security like to integrate both your parking and your visitor control. Issue a valid, easy to identify parking permit that can be scratched on the days authorised to visit. Not only are scratch off parking permits good for monitoring parking activity for visitors they can also double up or act solely as a staff permit.  This allows staff to provide a method of identification for their vehicle which is parked at your hospital premises.

Many organisations forget the reasons why they need to identify both visitors and staff parking on-site, by implementing such a simple permit you can secure your car park for the foreseeable.


The permit can be designed in any way you wish, whether that’s including your NHS organisations logo or changing the colours and location of scratch off panels on your permit. The typical permit often includes the seven days of the week and every date in calendar format across the year. We often add 2 years to the permit i.e. 2015, 2016, 2017 this allows you to store the permits if not used for up to three years. You can then also quickly identify the parked vehicle and ensure the right year has been scratch off.


Parking permits are relatively cheap in comparison to other parking control solutions, with scratch off permits you can generate income for the hospital by charging the members of staff / visitors for parking permits. We’ve recently been working with one particular hospital who have been generating nearly over £150k in revenue from parking permits with a cost of only £4k. There’s not a better way to identify an authorised vehicle on premises.

To find out more about parking permits and how to identify unauthorised vehicles contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with full costings and more information.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be going into more detail about visitor parking and how you can tackle the ever-growing security threats within your hospital.

Options for Creating Hospital ID cards

This weeks post we are going to discuss in more detail a subject many have sent us messages requestion more information about. Hospital security is one of the main things we find our readers have questions about. Today we are going to focus on one form of hospital security that of staff id cards for your hospital staff.

There is a few different options when it comes to purchasing these for your hospital. Some hospitals prefer a DIY or do it yourself solution others rather pay a specialised company to create these for them so they don’t worry about the quality or safety. The second option is my personal favourite option but I will go into detail of both methods.

So one option is to simply print ID cards for your staff. This can be done by purchasing a staff ID card printer. This is a option for some that like to be able to print there own cards. There is various printers that can print to a high quality that looks professional and clear for all. This means your on going costs are just literally the cost of the cards and ribbons of the printers. However the down side of this option is that there is not the same security features you can have by working with a specialized ID card printing company. Some of the security features involved in printing your own ID cards are that you can add UV ink to the cards to confirm the are genuine.

Your second option is to work with a specialised company that can create these cards for you providing you with the complete product. This is my most favoured option as they can help you to provide you with a solution that will not only give you a ID card but also sync with your access control system to ensure there is a floor less system in your hospital. Though this can be a bit more expensive it is a worthy investment for your hospital. These cards can be highly customised with branding and many etc security features.

I hope you enjoyed this latest article and look forward to your requests and future questions.

Solutions to get your Staff ID Cards

Over the last few days we have spoke how it is important to have your hospital secure. We wrote about an option to get your staff id cards printed in house via an ID card printer. Today we will discuss the other option of getting your hospital employee ID card printed off site.

So what are the benefits?

Well as a respected organization in a market that is known to be professional it is key that your id cards reflect the correct image. Using an specialised ID card printing company will help you in this matter as they will have a in house design team that can ensure it looks great. This is also handy to take away the stress of ordering the id cards as you can leave it in there hands whilst they design your ID card to your specifications and then present you with the approval.

Further to this they can also add further security features. Access control is common in hospitals but this can at times leave a situation where there is need for two id cards on to allow authorized people to open doors and further photo id card to confirm the person. However your ID cards can be printed in a way that will combine the two together. Think of the ease this will be for your staff. They will be able to have one card that will have all the necessary details for you and will control access in and out of areas of the building.

This method is my preferred option as I like the idea of someone specialised in our area being able to take away the stress involved in printing 100’s of different cards bespoked to each individual. It also in most cases reduces costs as there is less mistakes made and the option to combine both access and id cards together will mean one cost to your hospital rather than too.

A further option is to use a inventry software that can help monitor those leaving and entering your business, school or hopsital. This can be done by having bespoke ID cards with technology that connects with door entry systems.

As always there maybe other options and we would love to discuss it but this is one of most common practices.